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SDA Global


“Our greatest assets are our people; we make sure we provide the best service to our participants”

"Troy went on Friday for support we just walked around the block and talked. Troy really liked the support worker named Choki he is an older man and very calm and patient . Troy has gone to watch a movie and have popcorn and a milkshake today and tomorrow they will go swimming . We will plan the rest of the week tonight . Thank you"

Why Choose SDA Global Group ?

At SDA Global Group, our aim is to deliver care to its best quality, as well as support services in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), to meet the needs of any participant in the NDIS.

How we achieve this is:

Socially aware investors who are willing to go beyond expectations of the NDIS and SDA standards to deliver exceptional SDA housing;

- Providing independent living with high-quality medical, care and support services to NDIS participants with Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Proficient Builders who have skills to create incredibly customized homes that are built to accommodate all levels of accessibility and support needs.

Peace of mind is given to families of NDIS participants who seek support, independent living and security.

We assist participants and their families to achieve SDA.

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Our Vision

There is an underlying issue of NDIS participants resorting to hospitals and aged care homes to receive disability support; in some cases participants resort to incompatible housing that is not suitable for their needs.

At SDA Global Group, we aim to decrease this issue by providing participants achieve their dream home with specialist disability accommodation.

We want our participants to receive high-quality support in their SDA homes, along with attaining independent living.

“Our greatest assets are our people; we make sure we provide the best service to our participants”


At SDA Global Group, we provide quality service to support our participants in their daily life.

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Specialist Disability Accommodation 

Specialist Disability Accommodation, also known as SDA, is a form of housing that is designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.

SDA homes have features that are accessible for participants to live with independence and receive the support they require in a safe and comfortable manner.

The Opportunity To Live Independently

NDIS Participants are finally getting the amazing opportunity to live independently; to live their life with Specialist Disability Accommodation; it gives the participant a positive transition to their life.


Participants can perform daily tasks much more comfortably, by gaining greater accessibility, confidence and peace of mind with SDA homes.

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Who is eligible for SDA?

To be eligible for SDA Housing, the participant will need to be on the NDIS, and meet criteria of SDA Housing to be qualified.

According to the NDIS, only a small percentage (6%) of participants qualify for Specialist Disability Accommodation. This also includes people with intellectual disabilities.

The participants’ NDIS plan must include approval for SDA. Some of the criteria to be eligible for SDA Housing include:

- Must be under 65 years old

- Must be a resident of Australia

- Participant’s condition is likely to be lifelong and prevents them from doing everyday tasks independently.

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