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About Us

Our Vision

There is an underlying issue of NDIS participants resorting to hospitals and aged care homes to receive disability support; in some cases participants resort to incompatible housing that is not suitable for their needs.

At SDA Global Group, we aim to decrease this issue by providing participants achieve their dream home with specialist disability accommodation.

We want our participants to receive high-quality support in their SDA homes, along with attaining independent living.

“Our greatest assets are our people; we make sure we provide the best service to our participants”

Our Mission

At SDA Global Group, our aim is to deliver care to its best quality, as well as support services in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), to meet the needs of any participant in the NDIS.

How we achieve this is:

- Socially aware investors who are willing to go beyond expectations of the NDIS and SDA standards to deliver exceptional SDA housing;

- Providing independent living with high-quality medical, care and support services to NDIS participants with Supported Independent Living (SIL).

- Proficient Builders who have skills to create incredibly customized homes that are built to accommodate all levels of accessibility and support needs.

- Peace of mind is given to families of NDIS participants who seek support, independent living and security.

- We assist participants and their families to achieve SDA.

Community Connections

The SDA Global Group team believes strongly in the value of community. We aim to build and maintain connections with a network of various community organisations and services. 

We collaborate closely with local hospitals, community health care centres, youth services, homeless outreach services, employment agencies and are proudly allies to the LGBTQIA+ community. As well as having a culturally & linguistically diverse team who are always happy to communicate in with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

We work closely with NDIS participants and community members to understand the needs of the individual to ensure that each and every person that walks through our door feels heard and supported through every step of their journey. 

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